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We integrate all initiatives national or international aiming at influencing real change in the lives of vulnerable populations.


HOPE WORLWIDE HAITI (HWWH) is the philanthropic arm of the International Churches of Christ- Haiti (EICH).

is to Bring Hope to those who are suffering and to promote the lives of those living in vulnerable situations.

come from the examples left by Jesus Christ: to serving others with love and compassion, with integrity and in dignity.


You can make a difference  Sponsor a child in Haiti today

When you sponsor a child, you can be linked directly to that child. Your sponsored child will know everything there is to know about you and able to write letters keeping one another updated.

We believe the best way to help a child towards a bright future is by guaranteeing him access to a good education. Hope Worldwide Haiti has taken the front line to shape the future of Haiti by providing free education for children from 1st to 6th grade in Bodarie since 2005. Last year we started a sponsorship program that enabled us to help over 100 vulnerable children with school tuition, books and school supplies. 

One of the biggest challenges faced by most Haitian families is sending their children to school.

Please sponsor a child or donate today to help us support as many children as possible for the academic year 2019-2020.

Campagne d'education

No child should be left behind

sponsor a child today...

Meet The Team

       Margarette Vernet

     National Coordinator| Executive Director

 Rosanie Moise Germain


 Jackenson Pompee

  Board Member

 Bellineda Cesar

 Board Member

        Gaby Antonelli Gilles

             Vice President

 Emile Pantaleon


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